The only e-commerce integrated pledge manager

Whether you’ve got 100 backers or 100,000, there’s no more logical way to manage them and deliver their rewards than through your own website. The Crowd Control app is the only post-funding solution that allows you to run your business like a business. Say hello to proper entrepreneuring.


Save time and money with intuitive e-commerce solutions for when you need them most



Collect pre-order revenue while you wait for inventory


Reward Fulfillment

Accurate and efficient reward fulfillment without all those ridiculous surveys

reward_iconReward Fulfillment

Backer Management

Backer history archived in a single location for quick, meaningful access

Backer Management

Add-ons & Upgrades

Increase your funding by 10-15% by simply giving your backers an opportunity to spend more

addon_icon-1Add-ons & Upgrades


Effortlessly jumpstart your brand’s social media, advertising, and more


Getting funded is just the beginning…

now you have a business to run

Take control of your project and your business

Crowd Control works closely with you to launch a stunning Shopify online store to automate backer management and reward fulfillment while jumpstarting your business in a serious way

Crowd Control + Shopify store themes made to fit your needs and leave an impression